12 Plans for 2010: September Check-In

Chris —  September 1, 2010

At the beginning of each month I’m sharing about some plans I’ve made, with the hope it will hold me accountable.  What are your plans this year?

1. Read the whole Bible. Now stalled out in 2nd Kings.  Got a lot of work to do.

2.  Run a full marathon. Running has been put on hold since my current means of transport is bike.  Enough exercise…believe me.

3. Climb a 14,000′ Mountain. Although I hate to give up on any of my plans this year, I don’t see this as a financial possibility in 2010. :(

4.  Visit somewhere I’ve never been. I’m going to count my week in the mountains of California towards this one.

5.  Find a full-time job. Check!  Finally.  Praise God.

6.  Take at least one graduate course. I was just admitted into Fuller’s MAGL!  I’ll be starting my first class later this month.

7.  Read 40 books. Just devoured Born to Run.  Delicious.

8.  Volunteer at least 1 time a month. Looks like I failed at this, other than my regular responsibilities at my church.

9.  Pay off all debt, except school loans. COMPLETED! I am free of all non-school debts!

10. Share my faith regularly. Some cool stories are coming together.  Hope to share them soon.

11. Begin leading and/or hosting a regular gathering for skeptics and Christians to study the Bible. See #11.

12. Write daily, including journaling, blogging and working on a book. I haven’t done to well at that this month.  However, be on the lookout for a new project you’ll see links for soon.

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