12 Plans for 2010: December Check-In

Chris —  December 1, 2010

At the beginning of each month I’m sharing about some plans I’ve made, with the hope it will hold me accountable.  What are your plans this year?

1. Read the whole Bible. I’ve read a lot.  But it’s not gonna happen.  I’ve thrown in the towel, and decided to focus the rest of the year on reading through the lectionary for Advent.

2. Run a full marathon. Physical Therapy still…not sure I’m getting anywhere…

3. Climb a 14,000′ Mountain. This late in the year it’s looking like a great plan for 2011.

4. Visit somewhere I’ve never been. I’m going to count my week in the mountains of California towards this one.

5.  Find a full-time job. Kind of missing the good ole days…

6.  Take at least one graduate course. Wrote a paper about Ecclesiastes and Batman. Next class starts in January

7.  Read 40 books. It looks like I’ll make it.  Reviews of Bonhoeffer and Desire of the Everlasting Hills later this week.

8.  Volunteer at least 1 time a month. This has been a tough month.  So I got selfish…

9.  Pay off all debt, except school loans. COMPLETED! I am free of all non-school debts!

10. Share my faith regularly. I’ve had some awesome efforts this past month.  Pray for more.

11. Begin leading and/or hosting a regular gathering for skeptics and Christians to study the Bible. See #10.

12. Write daily, including journaling, blogging and working on a book. A lot of my effort has been going into www.plantr.org.  Check it out.

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