12 Plans for 2010: Final Check-In

Chris —  December 31, 2010

In January I made 12 “plans” for the year.  Here’s how I’ve done.

1. Read the whole Bible. I made a valiant effort.  Got through much of the New and Old Testament.  The same problems I always run into, getting bogged down in the Torah and the Psalms, and the general lack of rhythm in my life this year made this very difficult.

2. Run a full marathon. I’ve written a lot about this.  It is one of the accomplishments of this year, and my life, of which I’m most proud.  Late in my training, someone said to me “A few months or years after the marathon, you’ll realize you’re a different person.  Problems seem smaller.  You realize you can handle whatever comes your way.”  I think he’s right.

3. Climb a 14,000′ Mountain. Didn’t happen this year, but it looks like a great plan for 2011.

4. Visit somewhere I’ve never been. Spent a week in the mountains of Northern California with my good friend Kyle.  So thankful he gave me the chance to do this!

5.  Find a full-time job. Kind of miss the good ole days…

6.  Take at least one graduate course. Wrote a paper about Ecclesiastes and Batman. Next class starts in January

7.  Read 40 books. Check!  I’ll share more about this.

8.  Volunteer at least 1 time a month. I’ve more or less done this, mainly with Foundation for the Homeless, and through my Church.  I want to be more intentional about this next year.

9.  Pay off all debt, except school loans. It feels really good to be debt free.

10. Share my faith regularly. This is hard to judge how I did, but I pray I had an impact on others.

11. Begin leading and/or hosting a regular gathering for skeptics and Christians to study the Bible. See #10.

12. Write daily, including journaling, blogging and working on a book. I wasn’t nearly as intentional about this as I’d of liked, and I got nowhere on the book.

As interesting as this exercise was, I won’t be sharing with you my plans for 2011.  I’ll tell you why next week.

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