The Kindle Story

Chris —  September 19, 2011

I have always read a lot of books.  I love having books around and talking about books.  I think that bookshelves are the best way to decorate a house.  So the idea of digital books didn’t used to be too appealing to me.  However, during my trip to Fuller, I was embarrassed to see so many people carrying iPads and Kindles, while I had a second suitcase full of books.  This was compounded by a 200 page , two column PDF that I had to read on my Macbook.  Partially joking and partially exasperated I tweeted:

This has been a tough summer.  In many ways, I feel like God has put me on hold.  I’ve been waiting a long time for a lot of things, trying to be faithful with what I do have.  But living in between is tough, and it’s worn me down.

The question that comes to mind is “why isn’t God working in my life?”  I hear stories of  God providing in emergencies, providing opportunities for vocation, or providing little things.  It would be a lie to say that God has never worked in my life this way, but it feels like it’s been a long time.

Last Sunday I was handed a box that had been shipped to an old residence.  I wasn’t expecting anything, much less the 1/2 lb. e-ink masterpiece I had been pining for.  Shocked, I raced home and dug through my receipts just to make sure I had not accidentally bought it.  Nothing.  I tore apart the box for a shipping form, and saw my address and a short line that said:


I’ve spent the last week attached to the little gizmo.  A co-worker saw me smiling and said: “You look like you’ve got a new girlfriend.”  I’ve devoured two books already.

It hasn’t fixed any of the problems that have got me down.  But it is a reminder that God is out there, he listens, and other people do, too.  I may have some complaints, but I have a good life.  While I may still be on hold with God, I feel like he’s letting me know that he hasn’t gone anywhere.  He cares.  He wants to take care of me.  Maybe he’s just waiting for me to let him.


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