Building Habits in 2013 (with Infographic!)

Chris —  January 10, 2013

I love New Years resolutions. I love the idea that if I just decide and try hard enough I can change.  But for the most part resolutions don’t last.  Goals are better, but they’re easier to make than they are to stick to.  That’s why I am trying this year to focus more on building habits.

Habits I Hope to Master in 2013

  • Become a Morning Person
    I hate that this is a goal, but I think it needs to happen.  There’s just too much I want to do, between church, work, grad school, and oh yeah, the whole hopes and dreams thing.  My hope is to create a habit of regularly waking up in the morning, and I’m using the carrot of fancy coffee when I actually pull it off.
  • Create a Regular Devotional Pattern
    My devotional life has always been haphazard.  The key I am using this year is to have a specific pattern and stick to it.  For now, that means reading a few chapters in the scriptures every morning
    and responding in my prayer journal.  I’m also using a few of the classic devotionals to mix it up.
  • Write 200 Words a Day
    If I could be really good at one thing, and then use my superpower for good, it would be writing.  I’ve always been one to write and reflect, but as Ira says, I have more taste than talent. My goal this year isn’t necessarily to post daily wisdom on the blog or get a book published, but simply force myself to write every day.  Anything under 200 words doesn’t count.

The question is, how do you build a habit?  Well that’s something I’m trying to learn.  I’ve been inspired Charles’ Duhigg’s exploration in The Power of Habitthat habits come from the combination of cues, rewards and routines. I’m using tools like the Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret and I’m even considering paying my enemies if I break a habit.

What methods have you found help with building habits?

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