Friday Roundup

Chris —  January 18, 2013


  • A friend shared some audiobooks with me.  I’m working on a post about how Audible changed my life, so you can imagine how happy this makes me.
  • I’m writing this standing up because sitting down all day is killing us.  It’s making us fat and giving us heart disease.


  • I’m currently listening to Drop Dead Healthy, by the one and only A.J. Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically.  It’s a blast. And a great way to become a hypochondriac. One of the things he talks about is how:
  • He built a treadmill desk!
  • NPR spent this week responding to the Pew Survey of Religion in a series called “Loosing Our Religion.”
  • Vertigo’s post-apocalyptic adventure series Y: The Last Man is going to be a movie and has a director.
  • Vertigo Godfather Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is going to be a six season HBO show.


  • David Fitch’s blog provides a uniquely neoanabaptist take on the Missional Discussion.  He’s recently announced how he’s expanded it to hear from other members of this community.
  • How does the global church respond to the hidden church within Hindu and Muslim communities?


  • I’m spending this year reading and studying through the gospels.  Reading this haunting parable always reminds me of Donald Miller’s story of the girl who read the Bible for the first time and cried out “I just want to be the good soil!”
  • One tool I’m using in this study of the gospel’s is N.T. Wright’s For Everyone series.  Very excited.

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