Feeling down? Try these 10 remedies to feel better today.

Chris —  July 18, 2013

Sometimes, life is tough. You aren’t going to solve all your problems over night. There are small problems you can address, which immediately help you feel better about the world. They won’t fix your marriage or get you a job, but they might clear your head enough to deal with the real issues.

Try these 10 completely unscientific remedies that will help you feel better about the world. (Click the numbers at the bottom to see the entire list.)

1. Clean Up



When you have bigger problems to deal with, it’s easy to let other things go to rot. You stop shaving, your bedroom becomes a mess or your kitchen is full of rotting food. How we care for our bodies and our living space affects our state of mind. Take a few minutes to clean up. The activity will feel good, and you will feel more comfortable.

2. Make a list

To Do

Sometimes the problem is that you don’t know what the problem is. Get a piece of paper and pen, and write down everything you need to do, as specifically as you can. You might need to do this by category like “bills” and “housework” or even more long-term “hopes” and “dreams”. A list turns feelings into goals.

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