Criticizing the Church of our Youth

Chris —  August 6, 2013

A favorite pastime among most of us who have been in church most of our whole lives is criticizing the church of our youth. They were so legalistic. So shallow. So judgmental. So clicky. So attractional. So etc., etc., etc.

In fact, I would say that much of what we pass as theology is really just a criticism of those who raised us.


I’m spending this week teaching a Middle School church camp. I have no doubt that someday, those students will grow up to criticize their church. However, if they look back at this camp they’ll remember three things:

  1. They learned about Jesus: who he was, and how to live like him.
  2. They were treated as intelligent, and encouraged to think.
  3. They had fun.

If I do my job well, all they will have to criticize is the food.

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