Friday Roundup: Drinking Christians, Feminists and The War Doctor

Chris —  November 22, 2013
    • It’s cold in Austin! Who knew?
    • The post from ACU Pschology professor Richard Beck on Christians and drinking got a lot play on Facebook.
      “A second way post-evangelicals drink neurotically is when the drinking becomes a sign of superiority, even a large part of your identity. Drinking, in this instance, is a sign of theological sophistication. When you drink you signal that you are more enlightened than those conservative Christians with bad atonement theology.”
      Read the whole article at Experimental Theology.
    • Got Buffer up and running again, and I’m enjoying sharing content on Facebook (friend me!) and Twitter (Follow, please!)
    • Tomorrow is the Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who.

    • Recently met a guy who makes a living off of being extroverted. Interested to see it in action.
    • Ecclesia Network buddy Zach Hoag is featuring a series of guests posts written by boots-on-the-ground missional leaders.
    • Austin-based Podcaster Shane Blackshear has a great interview with Sarah Bessey, the Jesus Feminist. You need to subscribe.
    • I have a few more pieces for Explore God coming out next week. I hope they are helpful to those who are trying to figure out what they believe.
    • Working on a separate website as a portfolio for freelance writing. I hope you’ll share it with friends.
    • Holy Moly! The kids curriculum we use at Austin Mustard Seed is so much fun. I’m thinking about using it in lieu of my own preaching.

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