Bloggers Needed: What should we REALLY be talking about?

Chris —  April 30, 2014

What we REALLY (1)

In the immortal words of Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, I’m tired of sex.

For those of us trying to live as missionaries in the post-Christendom West, it’s easy to feel like we’re constantly cleaning up other people’s messes.

All countries, in particular the U.S., have a tradition of “Civil Religion” that wants to talk about what it means to “be a good Christian.”

Politicians manipulate well-meaning religious people to talk about what they want to talk about.

The media focuses on flash points, diverting the conversation to what they want to talk about.

Publishers produce new books and micro-celebrities to take advantage of every trend that comes and goes.

The results tend to focus on topics related to violence, moral failures and often seem to lead back to sex.

At the same time, there is a growing number of people who are committed to reimagining the church for the unique time and place that is the 21st century. This group believes that the gospel has not changed, but the role of the Church must constantly shift for its particular time and place. This group is deconstructing what came before and prayerfully seeking ways to make disciples that work today.

Unfortunately, the monumental mission of this group often gets thrown off course by other conversations.

Boots on the Ground is a growing cohort of in-the-field missionaries dealing with the real life challenges of being the church right now. On Tuesday, May 13, we’ll host our second Synchroblog. All are welcome to participate by writing a blog post to answer the question:

As a missionary, what should we be talking about?

This could be anything. What social issues are being ignored? What are the practical realities of discipleship, finances or even event planning you deal with? What is the most exciting thing happening in the church that never gets press?

Where have we seen God move? Where are we desperately waiting for his help?

To participate, simply publish a post on this topic and share it in the Facebook group on Tuesday, May 13. Please RSVP here or by leaving a comment below.

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