We say we want to live a better, more purposeful, more meaningful life. We say that we want to be a church that serves God and serves others.

We say we want to “be the change you wish to see in the world”. The goal of this blog is to provide inspiration for making practical, tangible changes in your life and your church.

Welcome to Growth & Mission.

How does this blog work?

This blog focuses on two interwoven topics: Growth and Mission. I publish 4-6 times a week, a combination of long form posts, quotes and videos.


Jesus left his disciples with one main instruction: “Go and teach people to do what I said to do.”

Doing what Jesus says will require full-life discipline. It doesn’t just include a better understanding of scripture and spiritual disciplines, but bringing your entire life into focus. “Growth” posts translate big concepts on personal growth and spiritual transformation into tangible practices. This will include everything from spiritual disciplines to lifehacks.

Best Growth Posts


Lesslie Newbigin said in Open Secret that “We are forced to do something that the Western churches have never had to do-to discover the form and substance of a missionary church.”

So much has been written on what it means for the Church to be “missional” that it seem like anything can be missional (therefore nothing is missional.)

“Mission” posts explain the reasons and methods for being a missionary church in the 21st century western world. Expect to see quotes, videos, guides and reflections on culture and life as a missionary.

Best Mission Posts


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Who am I?

My name is Chris Morton, and I’m just a guy like you, who really needs to get it together.

I live in Austin, Texas, where I am a freelance writer and am helping start a new church community.

I grew up in beautiful state of Colorado and have been around Church my whole life. Over the last ten years, I’ve lived, served and studied in rural Arkansas, suburban Atlanta, and urban Austin. In that time I’ve earned a B.A. in Music, hung out with homeless kids, helped plant a church, ran a marathon, read hundreds of comic books and biked over 1000 miles.

My passion to connect people, both to Jesus and to each other, has led me to help start a church community called Austin Mustard Seed, where I serve as Community Developer. In the summer of 2013 I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Arts in Global Leadership. Chances are good that as you’re reading this, I’m sitting in a coffee shop.


I am passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God explode across the cities of the world. My desire is to develop skills as a leader and public speaker, so that I can lead people to grow in their discipleship, and to inspire them to address the needs of the world around them.


In my spare time, I listen to audiobooks, podcasts and indie music.  I ride my bike everywhere and I know a little about Swing Dancing. Writers like C.S. Lewis and Dallas Willard have done the most to help me think about how I look at the Bible and the world.  When looking to get away, you’ll find me either bicycling or reading Batman comics.


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