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Brene Brown is a researcher that focuses on shame and what she calls “full hearted living.” If you’ve seen her TED talk (below), it’s hard to imagine that such academic work could not also have spiritual implications. Come to find out, her research took her back to church. As a research scientist Jesus makes sense to her.

Here’s the TED talk that introduced Brene to the world.

You Did Something Today

Chris —  July 25, 2013

Time Clock

A short contract job working for an advertising agency changed how I think about every day. We billed our clients hourly and tracked our own work. This made sure that we were staying balanced individually and billing accurately.

I’m going through what a friend jokingly referred to as “wedding withdraw”. I recently completed my graduate degree, I’m helping start a new church community and hunting for a job. It’s a strange season where my days are unstructured and my goals are self-directed. This has left me with a constant sense of fear/guilt about not accomplishing anything.  Continue Reading…

Sometimes, life is tough. You aren’t going to solve all your problems over night. There are small problems you can address, which immediately help you feel better about the world. They won’t fix your marriage or get you a job, but they might clear your head enough to deal with the real issues.

Try these 10 completely unscientific remedies that will help you feel better about the world. (Click the numbers at the bottom to see the entire list.)

1. Clean Up



When you have bigger problems to deal with, it’s easy to let other things go to rot. You stop shaving, your bedroom becomes a mess or your kitchen is full of rotting food. How we care for our bodies and our living space affects our state of mind. Take a few minutes to clean up. The activity will feel good, and you will feel more comfortable. Continue Reading…

Wednesday Spotlight: Luther

Chris —  July 10, 2013

Luther is a BBC cop drama that twists the rules of a procedural with dirty cops, broken marriages and helpful serial killers. It stars Idris Elba, Stringer Bell of The Wire, as he tries to rebuild his life after a case that went too far.

Elba is a fan favorite, on the short list for diversity focused reboots of both James Bond and Doctor Who. Continue Reading…

Have you ever tried to give someone a compliment, only to see it fall flat? It seems like they aren’t listening. They don’t take you seriously, or maybe they don’t believe you. Maybe you have been accused of “not knowing how to take a compliment.”

via rohts

Compliments are nice. They make us feel good. They show us that other people are paying attention to us. Compliments are also important, and we ignore them at our own peril. Continue Reading…