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How to save $500 with Mr. Bento

Chris —  November 20, 2013

How much do you spend every day on lunch? Every week? Let’s say you go out three weekdays for a fairly affordable lunch, around $8. One of those is with a friend or co-worker. The other two are because you didn’t pack anything or you couldn’t stomach other cold sandwich.

Let’s also say that you could make a nice dish to take with you, for about $3 a day. If you packed a lunch, just two days a week, 50 weeks a year you would save $500.

What would you do with $500?


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Time + Talent = Treasure

Chris —  January 6, 2009

If someone were to look at my life, here’s what they’d see me spend my time on in the average week:

  • 56 hours sleeping
  • 30-35 hours a week in the office
  • 10-15 hours listening to podcasts/audiobooks
  • 7-10 hours surfing the internet/social networking sites
  • 7-10 hours of prayer/bible
  • 6-10 hours with friends.
  • 5-10 hours non-office related work
  • 5-8 hours watching TV/Movies
  • 7-12 hours eating
  • 4-8 hours exercizing
  • 5 hours reading
  • 3-5 hours networking relationships
  • 3-5 hours with my small group
  • 2-5 hours writing
  • 2-4 hours reading blogs
I can’t say I’m happy with the results of this little exercise. Where is your treasure?