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Birthday Parties for Whores

Chris —  August 5, 2013

Jesus said that prostitutes were getting into the kingdom before the religious leaders.

Here’s Tony Campolo’s classic story from The Kingdom of God is a Party. I’m excited to share share this story at a middle school camp this week. We can throw our theological terms around all day, but stories like this are the Kingdom of God.

The movie event of the summer happened last Thursday, and it wasn’t it theaters.

There was a short moment, during the first few seasons of the Battlestar Gallactica reboot, when it seemed that the SyFy channel had grown up. Here was programming great enough to rival Lost and maybe even some of the stuff HBO was producing. They followed it with the boring and inaccessible Caprica and made BSG Blood and Chrome as a disposable Youtube experiment.

Then, this past week, SyFy created the biggest splash on Twitter since Rick Warren started giving unsolicited advice. #Sharknado is exactly what it sounds like.

Enjoy this. If the success of this piece of camp is any sign things to come, then we can count on SyFy staying out of space for awhile…

Don’t worry, SyFy is airing Sharknado again this week.

You’re welcome.

Let’s see more churches with the word “party” in their mission statements.

The New York Times visited my church recently, and captured our story in a fair and touching way.

That Swedish/Chinese mingling is a significant innovation in American church history, but it’s not what brings new worshipers to Space 12 on Sunday mornings. Hannah Perez, 24, works for Cuvee Coffee, the local roaster whose beans she was putting through the Chemex. She grew up in a Methodist church in Indiana, and her husband’s church was Hispanic Pentecostal. But when they moved to Austin, they joined Vox.

“We felt like: ‘Wow, this is awesome. It feels like hanging out in someone’s house,’ ” Ms. Perez said.

Watch the video and then read the entire story here.