There’s a scare tactic used in a lot of training materials for church planting. You open up a keynote speech at a conference by saying something along the lines of:

“Beware! Church Planting is the Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do!”

From there, you go on to list a bunch of scary statistics about how wives hate their husband’s decision to plant a church and how all planters have back problems.

Don’t get me wrong, Church Planting is hard.

My fear is that this scare tactic doesn’t work. Worse, it can create some very unhelpful (or even sinful) thought patterns in the mind of the planter.

Also, if something is “the hardest thing you’ve ever done,” you should consider asking “is it possible I’m doing it wrong?”


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For some, the announcement that Seattle-based multisite megachurch Mars Hill would officially dissolve earlier this week, was received with a sigh of relief.

It’s a tragic day for those who have given their lives for the past few years to create this multi-million dollar religious organization. There was much good accomplished and lives changed.

Praise God!

Also, many people were hurt. Plenty of blame has been dished out on Mark Driscoll for his arrogant and bullying approach to leadership.

But was Driscoll the real problem?

Or is this inevitable?

W H I C H  M U L T I S I T E

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On October 15 of 2013, we held our first official Sunday Liturgy for Austin Mustard Seed. It was pouring rain, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. That morning a few dozen people showed up, most of whom were a complete surprise.

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Welcome to Miami

Chris —  October 23, 2014 — 1 Comment

I arrived yesterday in Miami, Florida to spend the next few day with some new and old friends from The V3 Movement. I’ve never been to Florida and the internet tells me to expect that it will be 80 degrees and rainy. Oh well.

The V3 Movement is a growing tribe of missional church planters from throughout the United States. It’s led by my friends JR Woodward, Tim Catchim and Dan White, Jr. (Full disclosure, the V3 Movement is both a supporter of Austin Mustard Seed and a client.)

We’ll spend the next few day’s learning from Alan and Deb Hirsch, as well as from each other, about the missional life.

You can follow my instagram and learn more on my Twitter or at @V3_Movement.

Should you “fake it” on Sunday morning?

There are a lot of good reasons to be a part of a church community.

A few of them have to do existential affirmations on eternity.

People who are a part of a church community tend to live longer, stay married longer and be generally healthier. Church provides a sense of shared cultural practices identity that seems to be disappearing from our increasingly monolithic culture. A lot of people go to church because they think it’s good for their families.

So it has its benefits.

Beneficial enough that some might consider joining a church community even if they don’t buy into the belief system. Faking it can lead to three different results:

  1. Internal angst from a sense of dishonesty
  2. Outright hypocrisy
  3. Slowly assimilating to the beliefs around you

None of those seem terribly honest or helpful.

N E E D  A  B U I L D I N GS U R V E Y E (1)

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