How to save $500 with Mr. Bento

Chris —  November 20, 2013

How much do you spend every day on lunch? Every week? Let’s say you go out three weekdays for a fairly affordable lunch, around $8. One of those is with a friend or co-worker. The other two are because you didn’t pack anything or you couldn’t stomach other cold sandwich.

Let’s also say that you could make a nice dish to take with you, for about $3 a day. If you packed a lunch, just two days a week, 50 weeks a year you would save $500.

What would you do with $500?


I love the sound of this, but my mobile lifestyle made it impossible to have anything except room temperature soup or sandwiches. Until I met Mr. Bento.

Mr. Bento is an insulated “lunch jar.” It combines the methodology of Bento boxes with power of a thermos. I’ve been using it for a week. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Opening Mr. Bento is like opening a Matryoshka doll. Inside you find four smaller containers. Here’s where the magic is…or at least where it’s supposed to be. The largest container is in the middle, and it features a thick lid for further insulation. The idea is that you put hot stuff on the bottom and keep cold stuff on the top. The result is that you get an simple way to carry and keep warm a lot of food.

Five Tips for using Mr. Bento

  1. Use boiling water to heat the bottom of the jar.
  2. Get your hot food really hot.
  3. Use the lid as a bowl to mix two dishes.
  4. Some heat will seap up from the bottom, so don’t be surprised if your cold stuff is a little warm in places.
  5. It’s more than one meal, but not enough for two.

You can purchase Mr. Bento for about $40 on Amazon.

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