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Wednesday Spotlight: Burpees

Chris —  February 20, 2013

My “trainer” Brent Werbeck makes me do 100 of these a day. I hate him for it.  But it is a great example of High Intensity Interval Training.

To pastors and seminarians he is N.T. Wright, the theologian a generation turns to for everything from resurrection apologetics to the New Perspective on Paul.  But behind that academic density is the heart of a shepherd.  This is best seen in his “For Everyone” set of New Testament commentaries.  Here, Wright eschews his academic initials for the nickname Tom.

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Wednesday Spotlight: Songza

Chris —  January 16, 2013

8c3cb62d511bc073b324075fb199eb86_songza_defaultLike the idea of Pandora, but hate the commercials and the shallow, computer generated playlists? Like Spotify, but wish it had an alarm clock? Or do just want something that will play music for you, and is free?

What you want is Songza.

I tripped on Songza because I really wanted Spotify to have an alarm clock.  I found that, and much more.

Songza is driven by human curated playlists.  These lists are organized by themes such as activities and moods.  A few I’ve used are “Waking up Smiling” (Soul and R&B anthems), and “Ambient Music for Reading” (which is exactly what it sounds like.)  These playlists provide something Spotify does not, great music I don’t have to think about to find.

Songza is helping me develop one of my new habits for 2013, becoming a morning person.  I set a timer to play  some super chill tunes or white noise for 90 minutes as I go to sleep.  Then, it cranks back up with my morning playlist about 10 minutes before I need to get out of bed.

You can listen free online, or download the app.

Wednesday Spotlight: The Twelve

Chris —  December 12, 2012

Think Vampire books are for teenagers?  You obviously missed The Passage. Continue Reading…


I just finished Jon Acuff’s Quitter, and I came across it at a great time.  The book details how the author of Stuff Christians Like transitioned from online technical writing to his dream job. With the my Master’s degree coming to an end, I’m dreaming about stepping back out into the wild blue yonder.  This book has helped me think about how I can do the best possible work at my current job, and simultaneously taking the personal steps needed to live out my dreams and calling.

You should read it. Now.